Our mission

Welcome to the website of the Interdisplinary Research Program

for Children’s Mental Health (IRPCMH)


IRPCMH’s Four Axes of Research


1- Rethinking ADHD From a Cognitive Perspective

We try to understand ADHD beyond its visible symptoms


2- Cross-Cultural Perspectives on ADHD

We study how ADHD presents itself in different cultures


3- ADHD and Friendship: An Often Difficult Relationship

We examine the impact of ADHD on children’s friendships


4- The Science Behind Intervention

We analyze the efficacy of new family-based intervention programs


At the IRPCMH, we try to better understand and promote mental health in children and youth. We are particularly interested in the impact that friendships have on the mental health of children. Our studies are aimed at determining which factors lead some children to have difficulties making friends, keeping them, and being accepted by others. One our main interest is understanding the impact that these social difficulties have on the mental health of these children over time. Inversely, we are also interested in the protective factors that promote the development of harmonious interpersonal relationships in children. We conduct some of our studies with children who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) whereas we also conduct others with children with typical development. We are also interested in the cognitive dimensions and the cultural factors that play a role in youth mental health. Finally, we develop and evaluate innovative parent intervention programs aimed at fostering high-quality friendships and mental health in children and youth. 



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