Are you looking for experience in university research? Do you want to develop your skills in preparation for graduate studies? The IRPCMH is a dynamic group of researchers and students who will be happy sharing their knowledge with you. The diversity and innovation of our current research projects will provide you with unique research experiences. Interested students can participate in various projects on a weekly basis (minimum of 10 hours per week for 2 semesters) and take part in various meetings and scientific activities at the lab. The required hours include the lab meetings and specific training. Research assistants directly administer measures to participants in the Study on the Evaluation of the ADHD 101 Program for Parents of Children Recently Diagnosed with ADHD and will therefore have a lot of direct clinical interactions with families. This international pilot study is conducted in collaboration with colleagues at the Center for Management of ADHD (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) and at the Developmental Medicine Center (Boston Children's Hospital).


The IRPCMH is currently looking for dedicated, energetic students interested in contributing to different multi-site clinical trials. Students can participate in various tasks related to current research activities on a weekly basis (10 hours per week).


For more information or to apply, please send your most recent resume, your most recent transcript (if applicable), and a brief statement of interest to Joanna Guiet, B.Sc., IRPCMH coordinator, at rh.prisme.uqo@gmail.com





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