Thank you for your interest in our research program. Students who are interested in becoming involved in our laboratory as part of their university studies are invited to learn about the IRPCMH’s main axes of research and to email their application to Dr. Sébastien Normand. Dr. Normand will be accepting 3 doctoral students in Psychology (Psy.D./Ph.D.) in the Fall of 2025.


Information on UQO’s graduate programs in psychology and the admission procedures are available at the following address:

In order to be considered, please provide the following documents:

- Your research interest;

- Your Curriculum Vitae, including publications and/or scientific presentations;

- Your most recent transcript (a non-official copy is acceptable);

- Two samples of your written work in French (Please include a copy of your honors thesis or any other research report, if applicable);

- A confirmation if you have submitted a scholarship application for Fall 2025;

- 3 references (names, roles, emails and phone numbers).


After analyzing the files we receive, we will contact only candidates selected for interview.



Dr. Normand typically accepts 1-2 honors students each year.



Are you looking for experience in university research? Do you want to develop your skills in preparation for graduate studies? The IRPCMH is a dynamic group of researchers and students who will be happy sharing their knowledge with you. The diversity and innovation of our current research projects will provide you with unique research experiences. Interested students can participate in various projects on a weekly basis (e.g., 10 hours per week for 2 semesters) and take part in various meetings and scientific activities at the lab. The required hours include the lab meetings and specific training. 


For more information or to apply, send your résumé and a brief statement of interest at

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